Stuart Christie

Director, Law Firm Team

Stuart Christie is a thirty-year veteran of the New York real estate industry with a career spanning the public interest, legal and commercial sectors. Stuart enjoys leveraging his decades of experience as a real estate attorney and in brokerage to zealously represent Vicus’ law firm tenants in commercial lease transactions. Unlike other firms, Vicus Partners represents tenants only and never landlords, so Stuart’s clients know they are receiving the best representation free from conflict of interest – after all, you wouldn’t want your attorney representing both the plaintiff and the defense in court, right?

Prior to joining Vicus Partners, Stuart practiced as a real estate attorney for Shearman & Sterling and Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, focusing on office leasing for both landlords and tenants. He then leveraged this experience to move to the brokerage side of the business, negotiating countless leases as an agent for the institutional property owners Trinity Real Estate and Silverstein Properties for over 15 years.

Stuart has lived in suburban New Jersey for 25 years, where he and his wife raised three children. He holds a B.A. from Columbia College and a J.D. From Rutgers University. He is active in New Jersey politics, but takes special pride in mentoring teenagers through coaching and mentoring through both the National Winter Activities Center and with the New Jersey Law and Education Empowerment Program).