Philip Gardiner



  • Executive Director and Tenant Advisor in New York City, leveling the playing field exclusively for tenant clients during commercial real estate transactions with landlords since 2012.     
  • Originated and participated in Vicus Partners largest transaction to date for Boys Prep Charter School in the South Bronx;  85K SF, 30 year lease, 800 students plus teachers. 
  • Additional clients include Cellino Law,  Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects, Brooklyn Training Hall, New Dawn Charter School and Integrated Conservation Resources (ICR). 


  • Born in New Haven, CT, Philip now lives in Bronxville with his fiancee Moshgan, an Abstract Expressionist Painter and they enjoy spending time outdoors camping, swimming, gardening, biking and skiing.   
  • He is getting into photography big time, and enjoys adapting other people’s writing for the screen. He has received an author’s permission to move forward on a special project. YES!    
  • Fun Fact: He appeared in a television ad for Optimum, on television ironically.