Jane Brody


As an Executive Director of Vicus Partners, Jane focuses on how real estate aligns with your goals as part of a greater mission. She brings a diverse and accomplished background prior to Vicus Partners that allows her a unique insider’s perspective into your pain points and how best to solve them, including experience serving as an Executive Director and Board member for multiple Non-Profits; leading teams in both city and state government and the corporate world as COO of Variety International Children’s Charity and consultant for Ben & Jerry’s, UNICEF, the American Red Cross, Coca-Cola, and the Special Olympics; and as a former educator with a Superintendent’s license.

As a Board Member of LOVE US (Leave Out the Violence), she experienced first-hand the hurdles of finding the right nonprofit office space, and how space contributes to donor relations, operating cost budget and ability to carry out your mission. Jane realized that many others faced similar challenges and decided to dedicate her career to solving these challenges and developing deep relationships with her clients as an unwavering advocate for their long-term success. 

Jane believes in 
projects that ensure those without a voice get heard, and before Vicus helped launch a mentoring program serving over 10,000 children and a foster care program to help over 8,000 teenagers in the system make the transition to independence. She currently works with Bottomless Closet, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged women get back in the workforce.

Jane has a degree from Pratt, two Masters’ degrees in leadership from Columbia University and she hasn’t had a hand in any fewer than 5 pots since. Jane is a lifetime New Yorker — and with that, a sense of humor to match. Ask her about her stint in the comedy club circuit.