Gabi Koshgarian


Gabi graduated with a degree in Economics from Holy Cross in 2013. She began her career in finance, moving from tech into the start-up world. She came to Vicus craving more creativity and high-level strategy in her professional life — and the opportunity to be part of an exciting growth story.


As the COO of Vicus Partners, Gabi is responsible for operations, marketing and finance. She spends her days ensuring that Vicus’ unique value proposition is communicated to the market, and that the firm is well poised to deliver on its mission to deliver space solutions with intelligence, integrity and transparency.


Gabi is originally from Boston (go Patriots!) but is now a self-proclaimed proud New Yorker. She is the co-founder of blankbox (ask her about it) and an active member of the NYC female founder community. In her spare time she can be found reading,  (ask her for a book rec!), traveling, and walking around her Downtown NYC neighborhood with Starbucks coffee in hand.