Emily Doubilet


Before joining Vicus Partners, Emily served as founder and CEO of Susty Party, a biodegradable tableware company. Over 7 years she grew her idea from a startup to a national business and even pitched on Shark Tank, achieved national product distribution with stores such as Target and Whole Foods Market, and established a Brooklyn office. She was honored by the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and began a real estate investment business with property in Brooklyn. Her startup experience has helped her cultivate insights around what constitutes the right space for a growing company — how crucial that is to a company’s culture, and the dreams that can be built around those walls. 

As a native New Yorker originally from the Upper East Side, Emily also has a passion for nature and exploration, having grown up with parents who are underwater photographers for National Geographic and having earned an Environmental Studies degree with a focus on Sustainable Business from Oberlin College. Combined with her passion for entertainment, she also runs a performance art electronic band, volunteers at Bushwick City Farm, and is a volunteer dance teacher to visually impaired children at Lighthouse International and National Dance Institute.