3 Trends Shaping Law Firm Real Estate Decisions

Presented by Jonathan Twombly, Law Firm Team Director and former lawyer at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher and Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, we reveal the workplace trends in their industry, and tell you why it matters to you.

1. Image: The world is changing and so are law firms. Even the most conservative firms are looking at how space helps them retain and attract the best talent. Projecting the right image, whether it’s old-school or modern, can make the difference between getting or not getting a key employee, client or account. Your space is a reflection of your culture and driver of your day to day experience. If your office does not the image you want to project, it will cost you. Modernizing your workplace either by renovating existing space or relocating to newer, more image-appropriate space is a conversation your competitors are having.

2. Design: The common trend is to commit 10’ x 15’ on average for each attorney, regardless of title. This creates uniformity and eliminates the need for construction and shuffling as employees are promoted. To accommodate millennials who prefer to work outside the office, firms now provide gathering spots with natural light and connectivity. In terms of amenities, online access to information is resulting in law library elimination and upgraded conference rooms are congregated near the entrance for prestige, convenience, and to accommodate client confidentiality.

3. Technology & Efficiency: Law firms are reducing space by 15% on average due to efficiency created by design, workforce, and advanced technology trends; for example, Skype and conferencing allow employees to work and access information without physical office presence. Some firms are exploring the sharing of space, also known as hoteling, for attorneys spending more time outside the office.

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