WE represent you. never the landlord.

we are tenant rep only brokers with zero conflicts of interest.

today, more than ever, new york city tenants need an experienced and unwavering advocate.

When we built Vicus Partners in 2007, we knew we wanted to represent tenants only and never landlords. We felt then (as we do now) that commercial tenants too often are in danger of getting the short end of the stick, so unlike many of our competitors, we focus only on you without the conflict of interest that comes with representing Landlords. COVID-19 has only highlighted the alarming inequality that puts many of New York’s small and medium-sized businesses in jeopardy. We guide you through an end-to-end solution, from sharing market information and finding space options to negotiating on your behalf and securing the right space at the most favorable price for you.

We're the proud tenant representative for hundreds of companies from seed stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations and everything in between. No matter what industry you're in, we're your unwavering advocate and your partner in long-term success, delivering space solutions with intelligence, integrity & transparency.