Case Study Acxiom​​

Space 20,000 sq ft

Location 114 Fifth Avenue

When we met Acxiom, they had reached a turning point. They were moving into a more tech-oriented phase of their business and needed an edge to attract the kind of talent and cutting edge clients that would accelerate this new and exciting chapter of their story. Like many businesses, sometimes it just takes the right space, in the right part of town, to spark the fire of great things happening.

The Challenge

When we met Acxiom, a big data company, they were growing and evolving— moving away from solely data towards tech. They had been spread out across multiple floors in a part of town, on a block, that didn’t have the cache they desired. The vibe of their office hadn’t kept up with who they had become as an organization. Now, they needed to be in the kind of place that would attract the right clients and the right talent.

The Solution

Acxiom’s data and tech solutions are helping to change the marketing landscape. They needed a space that would be at epicenter of the Manhattan tech world — with a location that would be more than just contact info, it would be inspiring.

Their new home is 20,000 sq ft flooded with sunlight in the Flatiron district, at 114 Fifth Avenue. Tech companies gravitate to the neighborhood for the edginess of the industrial bones, the luxury of new renovation, and the concentration of like-minded people. The amenities and the energy attract the best in the business. And it’s just what Acxiom was looking for to sustain their growth: the right space married with the right moment in time to open up great doors.

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