Case Study Wiss

Space 12,000 sq ft

Type Accounting Firm

Location 225 West 34th Street

Taking a page from Apple’s playbook, Wiss made a commitment to good design that serves their human capital. They shed oppressive cubes in favor of a space with lots of light and communal areas that facilitated human interaction. What this forward-learning New Jersey accounting firm has created is a home in Manhattan where every one of its employees wants to work and where they are both happier and more productive.

The Challenge

With an impending lease expiration, Wiss came to us with a couple of clear mandates. After 30 years, they wanted to move from their current antiquated space at 225 West 34th to a modern space with a cool factor that felt more like tech than accounting. 

The Solution

Despite wanting to move spaces, Wiss loved their building and its proximity to Penn Station—with headquarters in New Jersey, this was integral to the business’ success.

To incentivize Wiss to stay in the building, ownership of 225 West 24th paid for and customized a space that looked more like a tech startup than an accounting firm, highlighting the space’s natural loft-like vibe. The space features exposed ceilings, an open concept layout with communal space for meetings, and staff lockers for stored belongings.

In the end, Wiss renewed their lease with attractive terms and a workforce that was neither affected by the seamless transition nor stifled by an antiquated space. 

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