Case Study 1/0 Capital

Space 13,000 sq ft

Location 459 Broadway

What do you think of when you think of when you think of a holding company? Us too. But that was before we met 1/0 Capital. They are a private equity company with 4 brands that are revolutionizing the credit and lending sector. We needed to find a space with the capacity to house all the talent at work, and we needed to find it yesterday.

The Challenge

1/0 Capital was located just north of Houston and some of their brands were 50 blocks away. In total, they had 4 different offices with 4 different lease expirations.

They needed to consolidate and keep everyone under one roof without taxing their wallets or their timelines. Building out a new installation would have been costly, while a sublease would need to be timed perfectly –either way, they wanted to stay downtown. There were a lot of moving parts.

That’s where Vicus came in. 

The Solution

After looking at over 30 spaces, we found the perfect sublease – and everyone wanted it. We came in with a winning strategy, and 1/0 Capital moved into their dream SoHo space without missing a beat - 13,000 sq ft on the 4th and 5th floors of 459 Broadway at Howard.

With Squarespace as the leasing tenant, the space came equipped with everything they needed to run a business, and the added perk of an industrial elevator that opens directly into the space. All in excellent condition. To finish, we subleased one of their own spaces that would have cost them for another 5 years. We do whatever it takes.

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