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We only represent tenants.

Vicus never acts as a landlord’s agent.

Why? So we can act as our client’s unwavering advocate, free of the conflicts of interest that are inevitable when attempting to represent both landlord and tenant. Since the lease negotiation process is oppositional in nature, this freedom is crucial in serving a tenant’s best interest.

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Selected Case Studies

Handel Architects

Handel Architects

Architecture Firm
26,000 sq ft

General Assembly

General Assembly

Technology Startup
60,000 sq ft

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe

Luxury Brand
35,000 sq ft

The Line

The Line

Luxury Fashion/Lifestyle Brand
7,200 sq ft



8,500 sq ft

Why You Need a Broker


This one's obvious. Your rent is what you pay per rentable square foot per year. Expert rent negotiation can save you thousands of dollars every month.

Free Rent

Some landlords will offer 1-12 months at the start of a lease term. We know how and when to ask for this to get you the best deal and the breathing room you need.

Sublease and assignment clause

This is a provision that gives you the ability to maneuver should you wish to shrink, grow or merge. This clause is a minefield. Make sure you understand what you are agreeing to.

Operating expense clause

Your rent is going to go up yearly to account for the escalating cost of operating a building. Will it be tied to the building’s actual increase in expenses or as a straight percentage of the rent?

Free freight time elevator charges

When you move into a building, you are entitled to some free hours on the freight elevator. Moves typically happen at night and over-time elevator charges can be steep. Get what you deserve.

Real estate tax clause

You’re going to pay a proportionate share above a base year. If they go from $100,000 to $120,000 and you have 10% of the building, you’re going to pay 10% of the $20,000 increase or $2,000. Make sure you have the right base year.

Electric clause

Electric is a profit center for many landlords. They understand it in a way you never will: connected vs. demand load; rent inclusion vs. sub-meter; watts per square foot usable vs. rentable. We can guide you through it so you don’t leave money on the table.

Expansion options

You can have a “put” on space which means you have to take it at a certain time for a certain price. You can have a right of first refusal or a right of first offer and it can be for a fixed price or it can be for some percentage of “fair market value” often 90 or 95% of FMV.

Renewal terms

Renewal terms guarantee that you won’t be kicked out. This in and of itself can be valuable. Like expansion options, price can be fixed or based on a percentage of fair market value.

Tax treatment of a landlord’s contribution

Depending on how the lease is worded, the million dollars the landlord is spending to build your space could be recognized as income to your organization. Don’t let this happen.

Relocation Clause

Landlords want this with smaller deals because they don’t want to lose the option to do a big deal because you have a thousand feet and they can’t move you. What’s important is that if they do move you within the building, it’s not going to be to worse or smaller space. The landlord should move you at their cost and expense and rent should not be higher than the current rent.

Initial construction and alteration clause

If the landlord is building your space, you want to understand what is and what isn’t included. Do you have special power needs? Who is paying for the Class E hookup of the life safety system.

Selected Clients

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